Mail & Package Forwarding in Washington, DC

Have your packages transferred from Point A to Point B, as easy as 1-2-3!


No need to fret! Pay now with Paypal and have your packages shipped safely and securely anywhere in the world!


Do you want to use a professional and legitimate address in the capital of the United States, Washington DC for business or personal reasons, but you would rather not rent a mailbox? Do you want to your mail and packages to be shipped to the most secure place on the face of the Earth and to be handled with the utmost in care? Do you want your mail and packages to be transferred safely anywhere in the world or to directly to your location while keeping your privacy, without the hassel of your personal address being known? Then use us to forward your mail and packages!


But WHY US? Why choose our services over others and what seperates us from the pack?


Well, besides our low prices, the three things we focus on and excel at are:


1. Our HANDLING of every single package and it's unique situation. You can rest assured that your packages are in the right hands when it comes to proper handlings and care of your packages, especially during these hard times when personal and public safety are priorities. In comparison to other major shipping companies and/or affiliates, we are smaller, more personable, and focused on maintaining our relationship with the customer. This means we take care of and treat each package as if they were our own during the handling process.


2. Our CUSTOMER SERVICE and maximum effort in satisfying and enriching the overall customer experience. We take every single issue seriously, with a touch of empathy, making sure communication is as quick and smooth as possible when addressing your needs. Afterall, we are human as well, we understand what it feels like to be on the other side when it comes to dealing with other people and trying to explain and find a solution to your problem.


3. Our SECURITY and an attention to detail. We are constantly searching for, examining, and implementing new ways to improve our security and the safety of your packages. Whether that be accessing the effectiveness of our standards, policies, and procedures, or monitoring ways to secure your information such as your personal address from threats with cybersecurity, to applying robust physical security measures to ensure the safety of your physical property. We want you not to worry, and to be confident in knowing that your packages are safe and will be soon in your possession.




  • Take advantage of our significantly discounted shipping rates!


  • We offer forwarding domestic and internationally through the major shipping carriers; USPS, Fedex, and DHL.


  • Only $1 per package for us to receive and store small packages (Mailbox Renters).


  • Only $2 per package for us to receive and store large packages (Mailbox Renters).


  • Only $4 per package for us to receive and store small packages (Customers).


  • Only $5 per package for us to receive and store large packages (Customers).


  • We will repackage your packages to a lower weight, eliminating any unnecessary packaging for FREE!!! so you end up saving on shipping!


  • Consolidate multiple packages into one, for as low as $10, plus the cost of packaging materials.


  • Store packages for free for up to 14 days! After 14 days storage fees will apply at $1 per day per package.


  • Store up to a total of 5 packages for 14 days, and a $2 fee for each additional package for 14 days. Storage fees will still apply after the 14th day.


  • Pay quickly and securely with PAYPAL!


  • No registration or membership required, and NO HIDDEN FEES!



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